WE'RE   TALKING   TURTLES! 

Millions of years in the making; these naughty creatures never fail to capture the imagination of the masses. When you need 'em...BAM! They have your back. When you don't need 'em...BAM! There they are anyway. There is no use fighting it. The age of the turtles is upon us. They were here 1st and they will out last us all. If you are unsure what turtles are or are unfamiliar with turtles in any way here is a quick read for you.

My Favorite Turtle Characteristics

  1. Well armored
  2. Not in a hurry
  3. Exude a quiet confidence

Little-Known Facts About Turtles

The Turtle Take Away

If you go messing around with turtles this will likely be the last noise you ever hear as you are physically dominated into submission by nature's apex life form. Click on this link with caution. It is not for the faint of heart.

Click it if you dare